Toolkit 1

Training Toolkit 1

We are very happy to announce the re-launch of ECM after a short break. ECM will no longer be themed, but written more as a toolkit or handbook for childminders. ...

Issue 17 front cover


CHRISTMAS – Edition 17 The second of our Christmas editions with over 40 Christmas crafts and ideas, along with a feature on Road Safety Week. Sarah continues her series on ...

Issue 29 Front Cover

Xmas & New Year

XMAS & NEW YEAR – Edition 29 An exciting selection of activities to enjoy throughout December all with a festive take and an interesting twist. This edition includes the first installment ...

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Issue 31 Front Cover

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As we have moved onwards and upwards with ECM here is a complete ...


In December 2012 the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) were ...

Netherlands Agencies

Childminders_in_the_Netherlands I recently came across this extremely interesting article produce by the ...
toilet rolls

Toilet Rolls!

Do you use toilet rolls for crafts? This poster from the HSE ...


The UK Childminding Association (UKCMA), an association dedicated purely to childminders, is ...

More Great Childcare

The recent report written by Elizabeth Truss outlines proposed changes to the ...
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Professional Associations

The NCMA are changing their name to PACEY – Professional Association of ...

Twinkl Christmas Resources

It can be difficult during the winter months to keep children entertained ...
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Advent & Christmas

ADVENT & CHRISTMAS- Edition 5 Christmas activies galore along with a focus on ...

First Aid Courses

The revised EYFS states that your first aid course now needs to ...

Smartphones & Tablets Viewing

  We are very excited to announce that the Essential Childminder Magazine ...

Scrap Store

 Look what we found at our local scrap store yesterday! Imagine the ...

50 things to do before your 11 3/4

The National Trust has released a list of 50 things a child ...

2 year Progress Check

Click the link below to download a guide to the EYFS 2 ...
statutory framework

Revised Statutory Framework

Click the link below to download the revised copy of the EYFS ...
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Gateway to New EYFS

The Foundation Years website will be the gateway to the new EYFS. ...
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Information on the new EYFS is being led by 4Children; Launching the ...
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The Arctic

THE ARCTIC – Edition 6 Explore Winter science experiments and have a snowman building competition. ...
Morton Michel

Public Liability Insurance

Are you due to renew your public liability insurance? Morton Michel are ...

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Castles – Edition 36

Get ready to recycle with out latest activities designed to engage children in exploring the topic of Castles.

This edition includes a focus on ‘How communication friendly is your setting?’

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

Issue 36 front cover


Pets – Edition 35

Include these wonderful additions to your family in everyday activities to build on the childrens learning and development, whilst exploring some of the pets you may not have.

This edition focuses on the future role of Local Authorities, with a special article from UKCMA urging you to Have Your Say and influence proposed legislation for the industry you work in.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

issue 35 front cover

Plants & Flowers

Plants & Flowers – Edition 34

Packed with lots of plant themed activities to cover the EYFS 7 areas of learning, including a special phonics focused section.

This edition focuses on childminder agencies and features articles from ICAN and UKCMA.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

Issue 34 Front Cover

New Childminder Association


We have some great news! On Monday 25th March you will be able to join as a member of UKCMA and discover a host of benefits including the opportunity to voice your opinions and have your say. Members can also get their questions answered by our online community, rate the feedback given and follow the ‘Hot Questions’.

Members’ features will not only include up-to-the-minute news and articles but an industry-specific social media wall with access to feeds from all the relevant sources and social networks without the need to have your own social media accounts.

You will also be able to tap into a packed information section full of articles and resources for download as well as UKCMA’s 24 hour Helpline for around the clock professional support*.

On top of all of this, our associate insurance provider, Morton Michel, will also
offering all UKCMA members a free pack of contracts (worth up to £26) to any
childminder who chooses to insure with them.

We will be in touch very shortly with more information ahead of our Members’ section launch.

*The 24 hour Helpline is not able to provide legal advice

The UKCMA team

At The Pond

At The Pond – Edition 33

Explore the animal life at a pond and engage in activities to promote counting and an understanding of size, shape and space.

This edition focuses on our response to the Truss report More Great Childcare and offers a slightly different perspective to the propsed changes to childminder ratios.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

Issue 33 Front Cover


SPRING – Edition 9

Featuring farm animals, spring bulbs and spring creatures, this edition also includes the many spring festivals including Holi, St Patricks Day and St Davids Day.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.


EASTER – Edition 21

Everything egg shaped in this edition. Paint them, hide them, create with them.

This edition focuses on the meaning of Child-led and Adult-led play. What exactly does this mean? and how is it shown in planning? Read our article to find out more  Sarah explores Absent Parents further in the second article in the series and don’t miss the second installment on the revised EYFS.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Goldilocks – Edition 32

Visit the 3 bears and have some porridge for breakfast or snack. Print our art and craft templates and explore size with Twinkl printable Goldilocks resources. ICAN also provide some fantastic tips on storytelling with your pre-school children.

This edition holds the final installment of our Documenting Childrens Learning series along with a response from 4Children to the More Great Childcare report.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

Issue 32 Front Cover


Babies – Edition 31

This special edition focuses entirely on childminding the baby age range and explores the many factors that surround caring for the youngest children. This edition looks at time, resources, activities and daily routines to name but a few.

We have referred to this edition as our ‘anti-plastic’ magazine. The opportunities you provide for babies are crucial to lay the foundations for future learning and development and this is now reflected in the EYFS through the prime areas of learning. We hope you enjoy this edition and are inspired to evaluate your baby provision.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.

Issue 31 Front Cover


MUSIC – Edition 30

An extremelly noisy edition for you this month. Make your own instruments, clap the beats and explore sounds and notes with some wonderful printable templates.

This edition contains part 2 of the Self Evaluation Form series and introduces planning for outside play. We also have an extremely interesting article from ICAN on developing communication and laguage through singing.

Packed with so much more dont miss out! Click here to purchase.